Few People Know This Charming Small Town In North Carolina Is The Halfway Point Between Asheville And Emerald Isle

For those who’ve made the roughly nine-hour journey from western North Carolina to the state’s farthest reaches along the coast, you’ve likely already gained a sense of how important it is to stop along the way to not only stretch your legs, but also to smell the roses, in a manner of speaking. When it comes to getting from Asheville to the popular Emerald Isle on North Carolina’s Crystal Coast, there are a few routes to take to get there. But nothing beats the mostly rural route that we’ll map out here. It’s on this route that you’ll pass right through the charming small town of Wadesboro – which happens to be halfway between Asheville and Emerald Isle.

Did you know Wadesboro is halfway between Asheville and Emerald Isle? Will you be making it a point to stop and check out all this small town has to offer?

Address: Wadesboro, NC, USA