This Rare Footage Of A North Carolina Amusement Park Will Have You Longing For The Good Old Days

There’s nothing like some grainy, old film footage to help you recall memories of the past and flood you with nostalgia. As technology becomes a day-to-day part of our lives, it’s nice to look back on times where everyone wasn’t staring at their iPhone or documenting every little bit. Instead, they were truly living in the present and making the most of their time.

One particular amusement park in North Carolina holds very fond memories for natives and travelers alike. Ghost Town in the Sky owner, Alaska Presley, recently announced the decision to sell the park – not long after the park announced a grand reopening. Many were devastated they wouldn’t get to re-experience the excitement felt as a child in such a magical theme park.

From riding the ski lift 3,300 ft. to the top, a whole Wild Wild West village, staged ‘shootouts’ and plenty of amusement rides to fill a whole day, Ghost Town is truly a gem to North Carolina. With the decision to sell, many are unsure of what will become of the park, but this 1960s video footage lets you remember Ghost Town in its heyday. You might even spot yourself or a familiar face in the video!

Wow, what neat film footage. It’s always amazing to remember the good ol’ days. Do you have fond memories of visiting Ghost Town as a child?

If you’re curious to know more on the rise and demise of Ghost Town in the Sky, read about it here.