There’s A New Wizard-Themed Pub In New York, And It’s Enchanting

While you’re waiting for your acceptance letter to Hogwarts, you’re unfortunately stuck in the boring Muggle world. But there are some places you can go that will make you feel like a wizard or witch. One spot that we love is The Cauldron NYC, a newer magic-themed pub in New York. This bar has such a great atmosphere that will have you feeling capable of conjuring up magical potions and waving a wand to concoct spells. Their cocktail classes will have you making alcoholic (or non-alcoholic) concoctions like… well, a wizard.

For more information about reserving a Potions Making Experience or dining visit, check out The Cauldron NYC website.

Address: The Cauldron NYC Magical Pub, 47 Stone St, New York, NY 10004, USA