The Pizza At This Delicious New York Eatery Is Bigger Than The Table

As any New Yorker knows, one of our residents’ biggest pet peeves is the fact that anytime we tell someone we’re from New York, they assume we’re talking about New York City. It’s because of this that we make such a conscious effort to showcase all the wonderful things that our areas upstate have to offer, like say, pizza places you never thought of visiting but totally should.

Outside of the heart of the Big Apple, there’s a city that has some of the biggest pizza slices in the entire world. So, grab your appetite and a friend who’s willing to take on a dining event that you’ll never forget because the Pizza Barn is about to blow you away.

So tell us, which pizza joint in New York has given you the biggest slice? To discover more incredible places for pies, read about how This New York Pizza Joint In The Middle Of Nowhere Is One Of The Best In The U.S.!