A Massive Blizzard Blanketed New Mexico In Snow In 2006 And It Will Never Be Forgotten

Although some people are still trying to wrap their minds around the idea that cacti and snow can co-exist, the rest of us are familiar with New Mexico’s dramatic weather patterns. We know that winter usually involves a few heavy snowstorms. However, the blizzard that struck at the end of 2006 broke records, dumping feet of snow across much of New Mexico and bringing the state to a virtual standstill.

As a result, people like those featured in this video had to get creative. Who knew a wok could be so versatile!

Some New Mexicans embraced the snow and went sledding and even snowboarding…

Do you remember the 2006 blizzard? Was it the worst one you experienced in New Mexico, or were you living here during the blizzard of 1967?