New Jersey is a diverse state with a wide range of cuisine available. No matter where you are, you’re never far from Thai takeout or Argentinean appetizers. We’ve got Italian, of course, but did you know we also have gourmet hot dogs with 29 different toppings and restaurants in “caves”? If you love one-of-a-kind dining experiences, check out this list of some very unique and fun restaurants in New Jersey!

Each of these fun places to eat is so unique it’s almost difficult to pick a favorite, like comparing apples to oranges. Even still, we’re sure you can. Which of the unique restaurants in New Jersey on this list is your favorite spot to chow down? What other fun restaurants in New Jersey can you think of? Nominate your favorites here!

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What are some themed restaurants in New Jersey?

New Jersey is home to all sorts of themed eateries! For starters, there's Elsie's, a sandwich shop that uses absolutely no bread. Instead, their sandwiches are made with pickles! Yes -- New Jersey has a pickle-themed restaurant. It's kind of big dill! Another breath buster, garlic, takes center stage at Garlic Rose Bistro in Cranford, New Jersey. This unique restaurant is devoted to garlic, creating delicious dishes that honor this humble and often persecuted-against ingredient. So, garlic lovers, listen up: we just found your personal corner of heaven!

What's the oldest restaurant in New Jersey?

It's hard to pinpoint the oldest restaurant in the Garden State, so instead, check out this list of 16 historic restaurants in New Jersey. Among those listed, Chef Volas certainly deserves a mention as one of the longest-standing dining rooms in the state. This hidden hotspot has been in business since 1921 and survived for decades only through word of mouth. Tucked away in a basement, the address was kept secret for years. Popular among celebrities, this spot serves up spectacular Italian food in a welcoming environment. Reservations are required for this secret restaurant that's very much for diners in the know. Now you're in the know, too!

What are some must-visit restaurants in New Jersey?

Hands down, New Jersey is the best state in the nation for foodies. Not only will you find the best bagels here, but New Jersey pizza is the best you’ll ever get to try (shh -- don't tell New York!). New Jersey is the Pizza Capital of the Country, which is obvious to anyone who has ever dined here, but we can’t overlook places that serve up other award-winning meals that can hold their own against national competition. If you’re trying to find the best restaurants in New Jersey, check out this list of must-visit restaurants in New Jersey.

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