Enjoy The Best View In All Of New Jersey At This Unique Lookout Restaurant

Hey there, fellow New Jerseyans! (And perhaps a few New Yorkers who appreciate our incredible state.) There are quite a few things I enjoy, and two of those things are good food and good views. This charming cafe offers both and it’s hidden away in an alcove, often missed by those who traverse the highway nearby.

The State Line Lookout Cafe was built in 1937 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). It’s located at the highest point on the Palisades Cliffs (elevation 520 ft.), about half a mile south of the New Jersey-New York state line. There is no address but it has its own (unnumbered) exit in Alpine, New Jersey, about 2 miles north of Palisades Interstate Parkway Exit 2, accessible directly from the PIP northbound lanes and via a median U-turn from the PIP southbound lanes. It is also accessible to hikers on the Long Path and to pedestrians and cyclists via Old Route 9W. If you’d like to learn about a private (but affordable!) nature sanctuary in the Palisades, click here.