The Old Fashioned Drive-In Restaurant In New Jersey That Hasn’t Changed In Decades

My heart breaks a bit each time a drive-in restaurant closes in New Jersey. I love these delicious pieces of the past and they seem to be boarding up across the state (I’ll miss you, Circus & Chatterbox). Luckily, there’s still a spot that saves me from falling into despair. While I do adore Stewart’s and Sonic, I have to say…I favor this local favorite.

You can find Weber’s Drive-In at 6019 Lexington Avenue (Route 38), Pennsauken Township. There’s no interior dining space, you just turn on your lights for service. You’ll also find the Stratford location (closed for the past four years) re-opening in mid-May! For more retro eats in New Jersey, check out these Old School Chocolate Shops.

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