These 16 Urban Legends In New Jersey Will Keep You Awake At Night

Born and raised in New Jersey, I’ve heard many an urban legend about the state. Some you may be familiar with, while others are lesser known. They are all at least a little spooky, some fantastical, others based in fact. Though these supernatural tales may be strange, they’re still fun to share. Read on and keep New Jersey’s urban legends alive. Though we’ve all heard of the Jersey Devil, did you know about the Sussex Sea Serpent?

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How many of these legends were you familiar with? What others can you add to this list? Share your stories in the comments. I’d like these tales to live on forever, each is part of what makes New Jersey so unique. Spread the word and scare your friends! If you’re looking for similarly spooky tales, be sure to check out my previous post about haunted hotels.