These 8 Charming General Stores In New Jersey Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

There are three WalMart stores, two Target stores, a dozen 7/11 stores, and a handful of Quick Chek and WaWa markets within a five mile radius of my New Jersey home. We live in an era of big box chain shops and limitless choices. While that has its advantages, I sometimes long for a simpler time – a time when we knew all our neighbors, when kids played in the streets until the lights went on, when general stores ruled the retail market. Though I can’t travel through time, I can transport myself back, if only for a while. How? By visiting one of New Jersey’s surviving general stores, sure to make me feel nostalgic.

While there are dozens of “General Stores” in the state, many exist only in name. For example, Cape May General Store serves only as a restaurant, as do the majority of so-called general stores in New Jersey. Many are former general stores that have been converted to keep up with the times and, while they are still lovely, they aren’t general stores in the traditional sense. I’d love to expand this list and would appreciate you sharing your local old-fashioned shops! Be sure to include photos, if possible!