This All-Day Float Trip Will Make Your New Jersey Summer Complete

Tubing in New Jersey is a perfect activity for some summer fun. Meandering down the Delaware is just the right mix of thrilling and relaxing. Plus, it’s a great way to cool off. New Jersey has a couple of options when it comes to tubing but we’ve already raved about how incredible Delaware River Tubing in Milford is. There’s a private island to explore and a hot dog stand IN the water! It’s always a good time, and you can learn more about that by clicking here. But it’s not New Jersey’s only all-day tubing adventure! We recently discovered another full day float trip with loads to offer…

Address: 4 Union Square, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

Have you been tubing on the Delaware yet? Are you excited to try it? Twin Rivers Tubing opens for the season this weekend (Memorial Day Weekend). Current hours are Saturday-Monday, 10 am – 5 pm. They are cash only and offer military discounts. Walk-ins are welcome but there may be a wait. For additional details, check out their website here or watch the short video below.

The OIYS Visitor Center

Tubing In New Jersey

July 26, 2019

Where is the best place to go tubing in New Jersey?

Tubing in New Jersey is probably not something that many people would come to the state specifically for. But, for those who already live within the state, New Jersey tubing can easily become your new favorite outdoor adventure. It’s not just tubing either—you can enjoy canoe adventures and kayaking in New Jersey just the same, but you just need to know the place to go. New Jersey is filled with great opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors, as long as you are aware of where to visit. Twin Rivers Tubing is one of the most popular tubing options, but also Delaware River Tubing, too! Heck, you can even change up what it means to tube and check out all the unique New Jersey snow tubing mountains, as well.

What else can I do besides tubing at the Delaware River?

The Delaware River is a well-known river in New Jersey that features a unique assortment of things to do and enjoy. For visitors looking for what to do in New Jersey when they visit, the Delaware River is a great place to start. Not only can you float all day down this river, but you can also fish, hike, rock climb, swim, and set up a campground along the river’s edge. Pack up some things to get you through the weekend and enjoy the peace and quiet of nature while having the Delaware River all to yourself.

Does New Jersey have clean rivers? 

It is natural to question the integrity of any water system before you jump right in. Whether you’re fishing, swimming, tubing or taking New Jersey river tours, it is important to understand the water quality of the rivers. New Jersey is home to over 18,000 miles of streams and rivers, the majority of which are being monitored and protected. The Clean Water Network, for instance, is a national organization which unites local and regional groups to protect the rivers, lakes, and streams in New Jersey.