Get Ready To Bundle Up, The Farmers’ Almanac is Predicting Freezing Cold Temperatures This Winter In New Jersey

Ever wish you could predict the future? Well, there is a book that aims to predict it — sort of. We’re of course talking about The Old Farmers’ Almanac, which forecasts the season’s weather so people can adequately prepare. And The Farmers’ Almanac winter forecast for New Jersey offers an icy, blustery warning. Keep reading to see what kind of weather we can expect this year!

And keep in mind: The Old Farmers’ Almanac is merely a prediction. While the editors do research to make their claims, weather can be fickle! We’ll have to wait and see what the winter actually turns out like.

What do you think about The Farmers’ Almanac winter forecast for New Jersey? If you’re excited about the possibility of freezing temperatures, check out our list of the most unforgettable places to visit during winter in New Jersey.

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Winter In New Jersey

August 24, 2022

Where can I go snow tubing in New Jersey?

If you want to enjoy winter weather in New Jersey, there’s no better place to go than Mountain Creek in Vernon. This is one of the best places to go snow tubing in New Jersey, and it’s fun for the whole family. This isn’t an ordinary wintertime destination – this place has 30 different snow tubing lanes! Mountain Creek is one of the largest in the country, and it definitely belongs on your bucket list. 

How much snowfall does New Jersey get each year?

New Jersey typically sees about 40 – 50 inches of snowfall in the northern region and an average of 10 – 15 inches in the southern area. According to the predictions from the Farmers’ Almanac winter 2022 – 2023, this year might bring even more icy conditions. Of course, it’s always just a guess, but it’s better to be safe than sorry. You may want to make sure you have plenty of heated blankets, warm clothes, and firewood. Cozy season is almost here, so you may as well make the best of it. 

Is New Jersey a good place to visit in the winter?

Many people might think New Jersey’s winters are too cold for tourism, but there are still many gorgeous places to explore during this season. We always love exploring the Watchung Reservation this time of year. With both indoor and outdoor adventures, this stunning spot has something for everyone. For more fun, visit Lusscroft Farm in Wantage. This historic property, owned by the state of New Jersey, celebrates our state’s agricultural roots. When snow falls over the peaceful property, you’ll feel like you’re in a whole new world. Bundle up and go for a serene winter hike! You’ll love every second of it.