12 Spots On New Jersey’s Atlantic City Boardwalk That Will Make Your Summer Awesome

The Atlantic City Boardwalk definitely ranks among the best boardwalks in the world. Originally built in 1870, it was the first boardwalk in America, and it currently spans over 4 miles, making it the longest boardwalk in existence. Prior to a destructive 1944 hurricane it came in at a whopping 7 miles, running through Ventnor and Margate. From shopping to dining and entertainment, the Atlantic City Boardwalk has so much to offer. Here are 12 amazing places you should definitely check out, listed from north to south.

Of course I can’t forget the push carts. While not a spot, they are certainly a popular attraction in their own right. What is your favorite place to visit on the Atlantic City Boardwalk? What is your favorite boardwalk in New Jersey?