A Treehouse Restaurant In New Hampshire, Little Red Schoolhouse, Is Downright Enchanting

Even long after childhood ends, something about treehouses remains endlessly appealing. The magic and whimsy of nestling up among the trees are strangely irresistible. You may not realize that you can get that same experience at a beloved restaurant here in New Hampshire – if you haven’t visited this charming spot, you’ll want to make plans as soon as you can. Check out the treehouse restaurant in New Hampshire that is brimming with old-fashioned charm.

Unfortunately for us, the Little Red Schoolhouse is only open seasonally. But, the good news is, it’s never too early to start your countdown for the end of May when it reopens! You can find it here: 1994 US Route 3, Campton, NH 03223. Also, for more information about the Little Red School, visit the website or Facebook Page.

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Address: Nashua, NH 03060, USA
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Treehouse Restaurant In New Hampshire

March 22, 2020

What are the most unique restaurants in New Hampshire?

Beyond just visiting the Little Red Schoolhouse mentioned above, there are plenty of other unique restaurants in New Hampshire that are worth checking out. Depending on your personal preference, if you’re aiming for a dining experience that is uniquely different compared to anywhere else, then we recommend checking out these 8 New Hampshire hotspots. But, if you want something unusual, like dining at a Castle in Moultonborough, or a cafe right on Hampton Airfield, then you’ll want to check out the list of these 7 unusual NH restaurants.

Are there any waterfront restaurants in New Hampshire?

The good news is, there are plenty of places to dine in New Hampshire that are right on the water. Due to the close proximity to the ocean, or even just the bay, you’ll find tons of restaurants that offer some pretty impeccable views. Check out Town Docks Restaurant in Meredith for some tropical drinks served in a pineapple, or the Italian restaurant Lago, in Meredith. For a more comprehensive list of the best waterfront restaurants in New Hampshire, click here.

Are there any treehouses in New Hampshire where I can spend the night?

Treehouse restaurants aren’t the only way to feel like a kid again. There are also treehouses in New Hampshire that you can rent for an overnight getaway! Bring the whole family and have a wild weekend in the woods. Enjoy a unique overnight stay in the Tiffany Treehouse in New Hampshire, especially during the autumn months. Or check out this architectural dream of a treehouse in the woods!

Address: Nashua, NH 03060, USA