With River Views And Wetlands, This New Hampshire Trail Offers A Journey Through The Most Beautiful Landscape

There’s nothing like a day outside in New Hampshire and we love that it’s so easy to do. With trails and natural spaces all over the state, getting outside is as easy as literally going outside. We’re always on the lookout for the more unique trails and we recently came across this on one in the Pittsburg area. Leading through some beautiful landscape, hiking this trail is a great way to understand more about nature right here at home.

The Cohos Trail can be accessed year-round, but always be extra-careful when exploring when conditions are wet or icy. You can learn more about what to expect, including photos and a map by visiting alltrails.com.

There’s a lot more to see in the outdoors here! A waterfall lovers’s dream, The Bemis Brook Trail hike in New Hampshire passes cascade after cascade.

Address: Cohos Trail Association, 266 Danforth Rd, Pittsburg, NH 03592, USA