A Mysterious Woodland Trail In New Hampshire Will Take You To The Original Madame Sherri Ruins

New Hampshire might be known as a beautiful place to spend time in the outdoors, but it’s not quite as well known for it’s…mysterious ruins. But this hike, one of our favorites in the state, leads directly to one of the most fascinating remnants of history in New England. While we know the background of what’s left in the woods, it’s fun to follow the trail and imagine what life was like at the destination!

The Ann Lopes Trail is 2.3 miles and can be accessed year-round. Be sure to check conditions before heading out on any hike in the winter as conditions can become icy quickly. Feel free to bring the pups along, but they’ll need to stay on a leash. You can learn more about the trail on alltrails.com.

Any hike here is great, but we especially love the ones with interesting sights to see along the way. The gorgeous 1.2-mile hike in New Hampshire’s Heron Point Sanctuary will lead you past a waterfall and a river.

Address: Anne Stokes Loop Trail, Chesterfield, NH 03466, USA