You Won’t Want To Drive Through The Most Haunted Town In New Hampshire At Night Or Alone

There’s this idea that spooky stories and ghostly tales must be reserved for months like October. When we’re already on the lookout for ways to be scared and for creepy histories to make their way into our present day. But in New Hampshire we don’t really have that luxury. Not when entire towns in the state have the type of haunted past that you’ll find in this town.

Hampton, located in Rockingham County is often thought of as a beach town. It’s a wonderful place to visit in the summer, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t come with a certain level of creepiness. Let’s start with the town’s park.

If you’re the type to appreciate New Hampshire’s town in a more official capacity, check out the town’s website.

And if this article has whipped you into a find-that-ghost frenzy this haunted road trip will lead you to the scariest places in the New Hampshire!

Address: Hampton, NH, USA