One Of The Most Haunted Colleges In New Hampshire, Plymouth State University Has Been Around Since 1871

Some places are just… destined to be haunted. Cemeteries often are. So are bridges. Castles always seem to be teeming with ghosts, as are hospitals. But one spot where you can almost be assured there is a ghost, even if it doesn’t seem likely, is a college.

Plymouth State University in New Hampshire is no exception — in fact, it’s one of the most haunted places in the state. Located in Plymouth, New Hampshire, the university has been around since 1871, so it’s not totally shocking it has such a haunted reputation. Rumor has it there’s a ghost lurking in Plymouth State’s charming clocktower, and there is also a tunnel between two dorms many students dread walking through because of the strange occurrences that happen there. Honestly, almost every dorm at Plymouth State seems to have a ghost story, with students sharing tales of creepy sounds, flickering lights, unsettling cold spots, and spectral figures.

You’d need to write a book to tell all the ghost stories surrounding Plymouth State University.

Address: 17 High St, Plymouth, NH 03264, USA