9 Things That Set Montana Apart From The Rest Of The Country

If you’ve called Montana home for longer than about five minutes, you know it’s a beautiful — and unique — place to live. That being said, Montanans also have a few bragging rights, both impressive and quirky, that set the state apart from the rest of the country. And when you start to list them, you’ll see what makes Montana unique.

Now that you know all about what makes Montana unique, let us know if there’s anything we’ve forgotten. If you’re looking to embrace all the individuality of Montana, take a look at our list of bizarre habits of Montanans so you can better blend in with the locals.

Address: Triple Divide Pass, Montana 59434, USA
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What Makes Montana Unique?

June 03, 2022

What stereotypes are there about Montanans?

The citizens of Big Sky Country have a lot of heart and unlimited kindness, but there are definitely some stereotypes about Montanans that even the natives can agree upon. Montanans love hunting, good meat, and their state more than most. Citizens in this great state have embraced our unique way of life that should anyone threaten it, they are in for a bad time! While there are certainly negative stereotypes about Montana that should be put to rest, no one is going to fight you if you tease us a bit about our propensity for going a little too fast on the highway.

What are the worst things about living in Montana?

While we love so much about the Treasure State, it’s fair to say that it’s not for everyone and there are some bad things about living in Montana. In fact, we think you may want to consider all aspects of Big Sky Country before packing up and making the big move! First and foremost, it is COLD! It is so cold that there are still visible glaciers to be seen! Of course, we can’t forget about all of the bears. But if you can overlook all of that, Montana is full of lovely people, stunning nature, and exciting attractions that will make you forget the few negatives.

What are the weirdest things that have happened in Montana?

With a nickname like Big Sky Country, it makes sense that there have been some strange occurrences in Montana. There is so much natural space for wildlife to act up, people to behave oddly, and even aliens to appear! While we may not learn about these stories in history class, these weird things that happened in Montana are very important to the state. Imagine a bear breaking into your school? Or fending off a bear with a zucchini? Stories like that don’t happen everywhere and they’re part of what makes Montana so unique.

Address: Triple Divide Pass, Montana 59434, USA