A Night Inside The Haunted Old Montana State Prison Isn’t For The Faint Of Heart

Tucked away in the town of Deer Lodge, Montana awaits a unique landmark known as the Old Montana Prison Complex. The crown jewel of the complex is the Old Montana State Prison, which was constructed by prison laborers in the 1800s. Standing near the prison, you’ll marvel at the 24-foot high sandstone walls which were put in place to prevent escapes. The prison operated until 1979 when the last prisoners were transferred and the property was open to the public. Today, when you sign up for an exclusive tour with Ghost Hunts USA, you’ll have a close look at what makes this facility so chilling. Several reports of ghosts and paranormal spirits suggest that it’s among the most haunted places in Montana.

Do you have what it takes to embark on an overnight ghost tour?

So whether you believe the prison houses restless spirits or are curious to learn more about the historic prison, you’ll feel truly enlightened after this overnight adventure. Ghost Hunts USA has various dates available, which you can check by visiting their website. Ready to sign up for a tour? Click here!

Address: Old Montana Prison & Auto Museum Complex, 1104 Main St, Deer Lodge, MT 59722, USA