Follow This Abandoned Railroad Trail For One Of The Most Unique Hikes In Montana

Montana’s railroad history dates back to the 1800s, which means you’ll find plenty of abandoned tunnels and tracks throughout the state. And if you find the Milwaukee Railroad Trail near Butte, you can take a walking history tour through a piece of our past. Come see why this fascinating, historic rail trail from days long past is now one of our picks for the best hikes in Montana!

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Seasons change all the time, but it’s never too early (or too late) to plan a beautiful fall hike here in Montana! Which hikes in Montana would you say are the best hikes in Montana? Tell us your picks in the comments!

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Best Hikes in Montana

March 31, 2022

What are some of the most popular easy hikes in Montana? 

We get it: sometimes, you want to get out and enjoy nature in all its glory, but you also kind of don’t feel like putting in strenuous effort to do so. Well, no worries, because it just so happens that Montana is filled head-to-toe with excellent hikes that lead to amazing wonders that DON’T require overexerting oneself to reach. We have lots of favorite easy hikes in Montana, from the Redrock Falls Trail (3.5 miles long) and Running Eagle Falls Trail (0.6 miles long, short and sweet), both within Glacier National Park. If you ever find yourself within Flathead National Forest, on the other hand, be sure to do the Danny on Memorial Hiking Trail. It’s longer, at 8.6 miles in length, but it’s pretty easy going the entire way – and the views from the summit make it all worth it. Truly, some of the best hikes in Montana are easy ones! Nobody says you have to suffer just to enjoy the outdoors.  

What are the most amazing scenic hikes in Montana?  

Let’s be real here: “Montana” and “amazing hikes” go hand-in-hand. Few states in the US are as perfect for the avid outdoorsy type as Montana is, and we sure do take a lot of pride in the incredible, almost unreal beauty of our state. What better way to explore Montana than by hiking? Embark upon some of the most awe-inspiring hikes in Montana like the Black Canyon Lake Trail, within Custer National Forest. It’s long, at 14 miles in length, and it’s tough – but the reward at the end (spoiler: Black Canyon Lake) is very much worth it. Fans of that hike will also enjoy the Boulder Pass Trail within Glacier National Park; it’s 30 miles of the best scenery in the entire park, and if you’ve ever been there before, you’ll know that that’s saying a LOT. While you’re there (and if you have any energy left), be sure to also check out the Hidden Lake Overlook Trail, which is a short-and-sweet three-mile trek in which you can experience the footnotes-version of the park’s awesomeness.