Dine While Overlooking Waterfalls At Mill & Canyon Grill Restaurant In Missouri

Location, location, location. We’ve all heard that mantra when it comes to real estate, but the same could be said for restaurants, too, couldn’t it? A unique setting or feature can really take a dining experience to the next level. This waterfall restaurant in Missouri, for example, boasts a scrumptious menu and sensational views of a flowing waterfall. It’s an experience that can’t be beat, and one you’re sure to remember long after dessert!

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Now that you’ve dined at this winsome waterfall restaurant, are you wondering “what are some waterfalls near me in Missouri?” If you’re up for an adventure, set off on the ultimate road trip to the best waterfalls in Missouri. No matter where you’re located in Missouri, you’re sure to be within close proximity of a beautiful waterfall!

Address: Mill & Canyon Grill Restaurant, 2038 West State Hwy 86, Lampe, MO 65681, USA
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waterfalls near me in Missouri

July 11, 2021

What are some waterfalls near me in Missouri?

Missouri may not be home to the most waterfalls, but ours are nicely spread out across the state, so you’re really never too far from a glorious cascade. Also, our waterfalls are very much quality over quantity, and you’ll find that the Show-Me State’s cascades are quite majestic! This waterfall road trip visits the best of the best, and winds through the heart of Missouri. Hop on at the waterfall that’s closest to you, and enjoy a waterfall chasing adventure in Missouri!

What’s the tallest waterfall in Missouri?

The tallest waterfall in Missouri is Mina Sauk Falls, which features several 30-foot drops, rushing over rocks and gorges in way that looks almost choreographed. The falls are located at Taum Sauk Mountain State Park which is home to the highest point in Missouri — 1,772 feet above sea level.

Where are some places to enjoy scenic dining in Missouri?

It doesn’t get any better than dinner with a view, does it? Here in the Show-Me State, there are lots of beautiful places to dine. If you’re looking for jaw-dropping views, definitely check out these 13 restaurants, which feature views of everything from the Lake of the Ozarks, the Kansas City skyline, downtown St. Louis, and Boathouse Forest Park. And serious foodies will want to visit these 10 bucket-list-worthy restaurants; all 10 spots have so much to offer in terms of interior dining room experience, beautiful, and, of course, scenic views.

Address: Mill & Canyon Grill Restaurant, 2038 West State Hwy 86, Lampe, MO 65681, USA