The Train-Themed Restaurant In Minnesota, Choo Choo Restaurant and Bar, Is Perfectly Whimsical

There’s something about trains that is exciting whether you’re five or fifty. What makes them so fun? Is it their fascinating history, their impressive length? Or maybe it’s the great distances they travel. Whatever it is, trains are a crowd-pleaser from young to old. It makes sense that any restaurant with a train theme would follow suit, and this train-themed restaurant in Minnesota plays up this enchanting theme with finesse. The Choo Choo Restaurant and Bar certainly lives up to its whimsical name. One visit to this train restaurant, and you’ll feel like a kid all over again.

Choo Choo Restaurant & Bar is one of the coolest restaurants in Minnesota, and its whimsical theme will take you right back to the golden years of your childhood. Have you ever been there? Tell us about your experience in the comments, or tell us about some of your most cherished train-centric memories.

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Address: Choo Choo Restaurant & Bar, 160 Railway St W, Loretto, MN 55357, USA
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Train-Themed Restaurant In Minnesota

February 16, 2020

Are there other themed restaurants in Minnesota?

Believe it or not, Choo Choo Bar isn’t the only whimsical restaurant in Minnesota, nor is it the only train-themed one. Whistle Stop Diner is charming, scenic, and reminiscent of old fashioned excursions. You’ll actually find many themed restaurants in Minnesota, all of which vary in terms of their atmosphere. Tropical, international, and rustic themes are not uncommon in the state, and diners love indulging in our eateries’ wide array of comfort food.

Can I take a train ride in Minnesota?

In addition to the occasional unique restaurant in Minnesota, you can also find a number of incredible attractions waiting to entertain visitors and locals alike. There are absolutely incredible train rides in Minnesota, and Amtrak’s famously long Empire Builder cuts through the state. You will find that The Land of 10,000 Lakes has an appropriately scenic landscape that’s best enjoyed from the comfort of a cross-state excursion.

Are there any other train-themed destinations in Minnesota?

Visitors can effortlessly take a train-themed road trip throughout our state, as there are many interesting destinations that delight area residents and those from far out of state. We have our very own train parks, and we’re also home to the famously impressive Lake Superior Railroad Museum. You will find that our vast landscape hides many train-themed attractions, endowing the region with a sense of old school charm.

Address: Choo Choo Restaurant & Bar, 160 Railway St W, Loretto, MN 55357, USA