One-Third As Salty As The Ocean, Minnesota’s Salt Lake Is One Of The Most Unique Lakes In The State

When most people imagine a Minnesota lake, they don’t imagine anything too out of the ordinary. And it’s true that most Minnesota lakes are indistinguishable from one another: they often have clean water that sparkles in the sun, lovely shorelines of rock or sand, and fishing docks for casting a line. But the Land of 10,000 Lakes has more than a few different unique bodies of water. One happens to be in southwestern Minnesota, right on the border with South Dakota. Head to the Salt Lake Wildlife Management Area for a glimpse of one of the most unique places in the state. Here’s what you’ll find when you get there:

Have you ever visited Salt Lake? What are your other favorite lakes in Minnesota? If you’re interested in visiting some of the lesser-known lakes, consider traveling to Caribou Lake or the Hill Annex Mine Lake.

Address: Salt Lake, United States