Keep Your Eyes Peeled, Thousands Of Hummingbirds Are Headed Right For Minnesota During Their Migration This Spring

For many Minnesotans, there’s no greater sign of spring than the sight and sound of birds in the air. After a long, cold winter, we’re ready for the new season. And what a season spring in Minnesota is: honking Canada geese arrive early on, along with ducks and cranes. They’re often here when the water is still frigid and the ground still covered in snow, but it’s a sign that things are about to change. Some birds arrive a bit later, making them the true harbingers of warm weather. One example is the ruby-throated hummingbird. These tiny little birds migrate by the thousand every spring and fall. This spring, like every other, they’re headed right for Minnesota. When will the hummingbird migration in Minnesota begin? Let’s find out:

Have you ever spotted a ruby-throated hummingbird in Minnesota? And if you’re totally ready to be done with winter and move on to spring, you’ll definitely want to check out these 11 beautiful places to visit in Minnesota when the weather turns warm! Excited for spring in Minnesota? We sure are!

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When Will Hummingbirds Arrive In Minnesota?

February 22, 2021

When will hummingbirds arrive in Minnesota?

The hummingbirds are on their way, starting their great spring migration toward Minnesota? Mark your calendars, get out your hummingbird feeders, and charge your DSLR cameras: the hummingbirds are set to arrive in Minnesota around the first week of May. Of course, Mother Nature is on her own schedule, so experts advise having hummingbird feeders set up by the end of April, in case these beautiful birds are a bit ahead of predictions.

Where are some good places to go during spring in Minnesota?

Spring is a magical season in the North Star State, and there are so many great places that highlight Minnesota’s beauty this time of year. Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in Minneapolis is absolutely stunning in the springtime, it’s the perfect place to see the early buds and wildlife that starts to appear as the temperature rises. Many paths make it an ideal place to visit again and again. The Normandale Japanese Garden is also one of our favorite places to go during the springtime in Minnesota; its quiet tranquility makes it a great spot to reflect, and its landscaping and architectural details make it a gorgeous place to visit – especially in springtime, when the cherry blossoms start to bloom. This secret garden is a total hidden gem, and absolutely lovely in the spring.

Where are some good places to go bird watching in Minnesota?

You mean, aside from your backyard this spring when you set out a feeder for the hummingbirds’ arrival in Minnesota?! Hawk Ridge is a nature reserve and bird observatory in Duluth, Minnesota, and it’s a pretty great place to go bird watching. Hawk Ridge’s location atop a high hill makes it a wonderful place to observe birds, and there’s even a viewing platform where visitors can observe and photograph birds that make homes in or migrate through the area. Read more about this beautiful bird watching oasis here.