Michigan is home to so many talented chefs and amazing restaurants it’s sometimes hard to choose, right? How about a restaurant that’s out of the way, maybe even considered “remote” due to its unique location? There are probably many remote restaurants in Michigan, but Legs Inn in Michigan is particularly worth the journey. Prepare your taste buds for absolute excellence!

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Can’t get enough of local adventure? We don’t blame you… this state is stunning! For more, check out Michigan’s Tunnel of Trees.

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Legs Inn In Michigan

What are the best restaurants in Michigan?

As made evident by Legs Inn, you will find that the best restaurants in Michigan are locally owned. You'll want to swing by all the family owned restaurants you can find!

What country restaurants in Michigan are worth the drive?

The finest country restaurants in Michigan are in (you guessed it) Amish Country! Crane’s Pie Pantry Restaurant is always a fan favorite.

Where can I dine at themed restaurants in Michigan? 

There are many themed restaurants in Michigan, particularly around Detroit! Try dining hot spots like the wonderland that is Mad Hatter Bistro, or the throwback Slice of the 80s eatery.

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