Stay Overnight In A 109-Year-Old Hotel That’s Said To Be Haunted At Terrace Inn In Michigan

Petoskey, located on Little Traverse Bay of Lake Michigan, is one of the most charming areas of northern Michigan. There’s the lake, of course, along with gorgeous Victorian architecture, idyllic forests, and… multiple ghosts?

Well, according to legend, there are some undead locals in Petoskey, specifically at the Terrace Inn. The hotel, which has been around for over a century, has long been rumored to be home to three different spirits. You see, this beautiful Victorian-style inn was actually once two boarding houses until they were torn down to create the new Terrance Inn in 1911. However, it’s rumored that during construction, two workers died when a beam fell on them — and their spirits may have settled in at the inn once construction was completed. And that’s just one story about why the hotel is seemingly so spooky….

The Terrance Inn leans into its haunted reputation, though, and regularly holds paranormal parties. Keep an eye out so your visit can coincide with one!

Address: 1549 Glendale Ave, Petoskey, MI 49770, USA