This Is What Boston Looked Like 100 Years Ago And It May Surprise You

Around 1917, life in Boston was both vastly different and yet eerily similar. Studying these photos that were taken more than a century ago reveals a city living under the shadow of World War I. Our colleges were focused on expansion, while the cars look charmingly retro to the modern eye. At the same time, Bostonians enjoyed an extensive public transit system and were devoted baseball fans – observations that are still accurate today!

So travel back one hundred years into the past and see if you can spot traces of the city you know and love in these 10 images.

Which of these photos did you find most interesting? Personally, I’m surprised by how little Louisburg Square has altered with the passage of time!

To compare just how much Boston has changed over the years, check out these “then” and “now” shots taken in virtually the same spot decades – or even centuries – apart.

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