Most People Have No Idea This Underwater Town In Maryland Even Exists

Prepare to learn something new today, Maryland. There’s a popular reservoir in our state that’s a popular warm weather destination full of scenic views, hiking trails, water activities, and more… but it was also once the thriving town of Oakland Mills, Maryland, which now rests just below the water. Next time you visit the Liberty Reservoir, you just may see it in a whole new way…Let’s check it out:

For a glimpse of what Liberty Reservoir used to look like before and during construction, watch the below video:

Did you know about the underwater town of Oakland Mills? You may have been floating right above it, blissfully unaware.

Oakland Mills isn’t the only underwater town in Maryland. In fact, there’s an entire underwater island in Maryland.

Address: Liberty Reservoir, Maryland, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Oakland Mills Maryland

July 14, 2022

What’s the most beautiful hike in Maryland?

When you want to explore one of the most beautiful hikes in Maryland, you can’t go wrong with Liberty Reservoir, especially in the fall. The Western Maryland Rail Trail is another scenic hike in Maryland, and a great trail for cycling, too. The 20+ mile trail will take you on a scenic journey from Big Pool to the Sideling Hill Wildlife Management Area.

Can I visit any abandoned places in Maryland?

Like any other state, Maryland has its fair share of abandoned places with chilling and fascinating histories. Hidden away in the woody parts of Ilchester, the abandoned ruins of Mary’s College are slowly being reclaimed by Mother Nature. And few people are aware of the town of Daniels, another abandoned place in Maryland that was once a thriving town until the late 1960s when the local mill shut down, forcing the town’s residents to relocate. The town is located within Patapsco Valley State Park, and you can explore the town on your own.

What are the most popular ghost stories in Maryland?

Maryland is no stranger to the spirit realm. From state parks to covered bridges, there are plenty of allegedly haunted places in Maryland that will make your hair stand on edge. Perhaps one of the most famous ghost stories in Maryland is actually that of Edgar Allan Poe, who many believe haunts the The Horse You Came In On Saloon in Baltimore. You’ll also want to check out Point Lookout State Park, one of the many Maryland mysteries when it comes to the paranormal. The site has a dark history including being used as a prisoner of war camp during the Civil War. Full-bodied apparitions, unexplained shadows, and disembodied voices have all been reported here.

Address: Liberty Reservoir, Maryland, USA