The Story Behind Maryland’s Underwater Island Is Truly Heartbreaking

Maryland has dozens of islands, a few of which we’ve previously discussed here. What many Marylanders don’t know is that there are also a few islands that once existed, but due to erosion, now lie in a watery grave in the Chesapeake Bay. Holland Island is one of these fascinating and haunting places. The story behind this underwater island in Maryland will leave you with intrigue and a bit of sadness.

Check out this awe-inspiring video of the history of Holland Island, and the story of one man whose dream it was to restore it. This is a must-watch.

Video Credit : Youtube / Im2857

Today, what’s left of Holland Island is home to only wildlife, mostly birds. See footage of it here.

Have you heard stories about Maryland’s underwater island? Do you have any ancestors who lived on Holland Island? Please share your stories in the comments.