21 Staggering Photos Of An Abandoned Asylum Hiding In Maine

Maine is a wonderful place to live and to visit. It’s mostly full of beautiful scenery, delicious restaurants and lots of things to do. But, that doesn’t mean all of our articles are happy. We’ve got a long history and that history isn’t always pretty. Today we’re talking about an abandoned mental asylum in Maine that’s seen better days. When it comes to the creepiest places in Maine, this one might just take the cake.

For a tour of the Augusta Mental Health Institute, take a look at this video:

And, remember that mental health is important and problems are worth seeking help for. If you’re in search of resources, visit MentalHealth.gov. Want more creepy but true tales of Maine? Check out the stories of these homicides that terrified the state. Yikes!

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Abandoned Asylum in Maine

August 01, 2022

What are some truly eerie abandoned places in Maine? 

Maine is a beautiful place to live or visit, but it’s not without its spooky corners. Much like anywhere else, there are many abandoned places in Maine that nature is reclaiming; some are homes, some are government buildings, and others are simply ghost towns! Some of the most fascinating abandoned places in Maine include Swan Island, an entire abandoned island off the coast that nobody really knows why it was abandoned. Another infamous abandoned place in Maine is the Evergreen Ski Resort, in Evergreen Valley. Its life wasn’t very long; it was built in 1972 and plagued with issues from the beginning.  

Where are some totally creepy places in Maine?  

Maine is an old state, and with old states comes a lot of history. And with a lot of history, there tends to be a lot of tragedy… which typically gives birth to hauntings (or, at the very least, rumors of). Some of the most haunted places in Maine include such eerie spots as the infamous Wood Island Lighthouse, which is said to be haunted by a pair of arguing men – the old landlord, and the old keeper of the lighthouse. Sometimes, you can still hear their footsteps and arguing. Another perfect example of creepy places in Maine is the old Mount Hope Cemetery, which is the old, creepy haunted cemetery that inspired Stephen King to write the terrifying novel Pet Sematary. Ghosts or not… that place is eerie.  

What is the story behind the Augusta Mental Health Institute in Maine? 

Originally called the Maine Insane Hospital (ugh) when it was built in 1840, the Augusta Mental Health Institute was a place shrouded in darkness and tragedy from the get-go. The entire grounds is registered with the National Register of Historic Places, despite the darkness of its past. Over the decades, the ways we treat mental health ailments have changed greatly; back in those days, it was a cruel, dark process and there are records of literally thousands of people that died here. Its story is dark and this place should never be opened again. Currently, it has been repurposed into a few office buildings, and some buildings still remain vacant.