Part of life is moving on, and Maine’s history is rife with this sort of transition. People settle, then leave. Homes built and left behind. Moments lived and memories created. These abandoned places in Maine prove that better than anything. Some are eerily beautiful, some are downright spooky. Take a look at this list and plan a trip to see them before nature completes the process.

We’ve just scratched the surface here of abandoned places in Maine. Share some of your own local places that nature is out to reclaim as well as any abandoned towns in Maine that are worth visiting.

Plan on hitting the road to see any of these abandoned places in Maine? Take a look at our road trip essentials packing list before your trip!


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Abandoned Buildings in Maine

What is one of the best hikes to an abandoned place in Maine?

One of the best hikes to abandoned places in Maine is the following:

  • Take a short walk up to Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth to see an old abandoned mansion. Head to Fort Williams Park in Cape Elizabeth for an amazing cliff walk by the beach that will take you right to an abandoned mansion. Along the way, you'll also get to see the state's largest lighthouse, sweeping ocean views, and the beautiful castle-like mansion that was built in the 1880s. It's a rare hike that includes both nature and history - a rare and welcome combination.


Are there any historical sites you can hike to in Maine?

Yes, there are historical sites you can hike to in Maine. An interesting hike is The Old Pond Railway Trail in Hancock, Maine. You'll walk along a historical railroad in Hancock, Maine. Formerly the rail for the Maine Shore Line Railroad Company, the train used to take tourists along the water. That means the views along the trail are just beautiful. Enjoy the whole atmosphere, including the pond and forest.

Does Maine have any natural wonders?

There are many wonderful natural wonders in Maine like:

  • Thunder hole in Acadia
  • The Desert of Maine in Freeport
  • The Debsconeag Ice Caves in Millinocket
  • Dagget Rock in Phillips is an incredible sight, and has been in this spot since the Ice Age!
  • Gulf Hagas features a waterfall that you can kayak over. If you're experienced in water sports like this, this is the spot for you.

Check out these lovely natural wonders in Maine.

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