This Waterfall Swimming Hole In Kentucky Is Perfect For A Hot Summer Day

Summer can be hot everywhere, but places with an abundance of bodies of water seem a bit hotter than dryer terrains. The heat and humidity can be sweltering here, so there is nothing better than finding the perfect place for a swim. There are ponds, lakes and creeks all around, but nothing really beats a waterfall swimming hole in Kentucky.

1. A waterfall is still a magical place.

The pool around a waterfall is just a magical place to swim. It can be like swimming in a fairytale, depending on the weather. Most people who have spent time swimming at Eagle Falls feel it is a special place to cool off on a hot summers day… or just relax and meditate on life.

If you are looking for a special place to cool down on a hot summer day, this waterfall swimming hole in Kentucky is a perfect spot to try. If the beautiful Eagle Falls is inconvenient, you might find one of these beautiful swimming holes more to your liking. Enjoy the hot months by cooling down!