Visit Pepper Pod, The Small Town Diner In Kentucky That’s Been Around Since The 1950s

Sometimes you are craving eggs and bacon for dinner and you just need a great place to stop and satisfy your taste buds; it happens to the best of us. If that sounds like you and you’re shaking your head ‘yes’ at this description, then don’t waste any more time! Head on over to the Pepper Pod Restaurant in Newport, Kentucky for their all-day breakfast. This family-style spot has been around since 1956 and it will not disappoint anyone in your party – even if they aren’t in the mood for breakfast! Pepper Pod serves up a variety of entrees from salads to hearty meatloaf to shrimp baskets; all are welcome here.

To make matters even better, Pepper Pod is open 24-hours a day, 7 days a week! That makes it almost too easy to stop in and grab yourself whatever you would like, whenever you would like. Cheers!

Address: 703 Monmouth St, Newport, KY 41071, USA