These 9 Hole In The Wall BBQ Restaurants In Kentucky Will Make Your Tastebuds Go Crazy

Kentuckians love hole-in-the-wall restaurants and we love good barbecue. Put the two together and you’ve got this list of noteworthy, small town BBQ joints that are worth a visit no matter where you live in the Bluegrass State. These spots are well known by the locals in the area, and by those who frequently make side trips just to enjoy the tasty barbecue. So go ahead and save this list on your phone, computer, memory, wherever, because you’re going to want to visit all of these BBQ restaurants that will make your tastebuds go crazy.

Good barbecue is fairly easy to find in Kentucky, but excellent barbecue is only found in places like these where the owners pour their heart and soul into their cooking. How many of these BBQ joints have you been to? Did we miss your favorite hole-in-the-wall? Let us know about it in the comments!

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