7 Incredible Natural Wonders In Kentucky That You Can Witness For Free

In case you hadn’t heard, we’re pretty head-over-heels for The Bluegrass State. Kentucky is one, big wondrous place to behold, and we do our best to really showcase the immense splendor of the state. Happily, not only does Kentucky offer some truly bucket-list-worthy adventures, but many of these spectacular places are free and open to everyone. Come and let your sense of wanderlust lead the way as you enjoy these seven natural wonders in Kentucky that you can witness for free.

Kentucky really is beautiful, and we hope you’re inspired to explore all of these breathtaking natural wonders! For more adventures around The Bluegrass State, be sure to check out these six unforgettable road trips that each lead to some seriously spectacular places.

Address: Red River Gorge, Kentucky 40387, USA
Address: Ic-8023N, Kentucky, USA
Address: Big Bone Lick State Historic Site, 3380 Beaver Rd, Union, KY 41091, USA
Address: Cumberland Falls, Kentucky 42634, USA
Address: Seventy Six Falls, Kentucky 42602, USA
Address: Kingdom Come State Park, 502 Park Rd, Cumberland, KY 40823, USA
Address: Mammoth Cave, KY 42259, USA