Hike To A Fascinating Rock House Called Devil’s Market House Arch In Kentucky

Kentucky is filled with natural wonders and some of the best are the stone arches that are hidden throughout our forests. The Bluegrass State is said to have more natural arches than any other state east of the Mississippi and if you’ve ever been hiking throughout Daniel Boone National Forest, then you know this is likely true. Many of these arches and bridges are well known, while others take more effort to reach and aren’t as commonly shared. Perhaps you’ve never heard of Devil’s Market House Arch within the National Forest. This rock house in Kentucky is equal parts fascinating and mysterious and true adventurers will want to seek it out.

Devil’s Market House Arch is a rock house in Kentucky that seems to appear out of nowhere. This unusual spot in the woods is fascinating and beautiful and one of many hidden gems for the true adventurer in Kentucky. Have you heard of this unique rock house in Kentucky? Let us know in the comments!

To protect the natural beauty and integrity of this arch, we won’t share exact directions to reach it. You can, however, visit an extensive list of Kentucky arches, to track down more information.

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Address: Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky 40447, USA