Yahoo Arch In Kentucky’s Big South Fork Area Looks Like Something From Another Planet

There are many interesting formations and landscapes throughout Kentucky and if you haven’t explored our state, you may be surprised at how unique these places can be. Some seem to come out of nowhere, some tower above your head, and other rock formations form incredible natural arches and bridges. There are places in our state that even seem to be from another planet and one of them is Yahoo Arch. This trail is known for being home to the tallest waterfall in Kentucky, but don’t miss out on the fascinating arch. Explore this unique hiking trail in Kentucky and see the natural beauty of the Big South Fork Scenic Area.

If you are in need of some fresh air and a unique hiking trail in Kentucky that has it all, consider a visit to the Big South Fork Scenic Area. With so much natural beauty here and a trail that offers both a waterfall and an intriguing arch, it’s the perfect place to escape everyday life for awhile. Have you explored this unique hiking trail in Kentucky? Do you prefer the waterfall or the arch? Share your thoughts with us in the comments!

And for more information on the Yahoo Falls Trail, including directions, visit the Alltrails website.

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