These Must-Visit Places In Kentucky Amish Country Will Give You A New Appreciation

The Amish are a good people that live life by tradition, not by modern technology. There are lots of different groups of Amish all across Kentucky. Some say we have the most diverse group of Amish in the US. Visiting an Amish community is like stepping back in time, usually. It’s a great way to show the kids what life “could” be like.

Here are some diverse Amish Communities across the Bluegrass State:

Those that miss the old traditions, such as handmade furniture, gardening fresh fruits and vegetables, and living life with less technology will enjoy an Amish community. This is where we see a lot of hard work, and contentment with what is created by hand. Technology usually stays outside the borders in most Amish towns, but there are exceptions. If you have any favored Amish communities in Kentucky, please comment below.

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