With so many haunted towns in Kansas, most people would be leery to live in such a paranormally-blessed state, but do you want to know what we think? We think the alleged hauntings are great! Why do we feel this way? For starters, these urban legends give us something to ponder and explore for ourselves any time the whim might strike, which is what inspired us to curate this road trip of a few of the most haunted places in Kansas. Follow our itinerary on Google Maps with your smartphone.

Craving more creepy Kansas delights? Visit Dunlap, one of the most haunted towns in Kansas, or spend the night at Kansas’s most haunted campground for a truly terrifying experience!

What do you think? What are your favorite Kansan haunts? Tell us all about them in the comments!

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Haunted Places in Kansas

Are there any haunted places in Kansas?

Kansas is an old state, and with old states come the occasional terrifying tidbit of history that leads to somewhere being labeled forever as “haunted”. There are literally hundreds of haunted places in Kansas; in fact, no matter what town you go to, you’re bound to hear about something haunted there if you ask the right people. For example, Fort Leavenworth is thought to be one of the most haunted military forts in the United States. The Old Lawrence Community Theatre building is said to be haunted by the spirits of thespians past… at least, we hope that’s who haunts that building. 

What are the best creepy places in Kansas to visit?

Goodness, where to begin? Kansas is home to loads of creepy, spooky, or otherwise downright scary places. Some of our favorites include the Eldridge Hotel, in Lawrence, which is said to be haunted by the Colonel Eldridge. Electronics behave strangely there, and guests routinely hear disembodied voices and eerie crackling noises that seem to emanate from nowhere. There are also ample opportunities to explore some truly terrifying true crime history, as the towns of Wichita and Park City, Kansas, were terrorized by Dennis Rader, also known as “B.T.K”, and many of the places where he committed his atrocities are still standing. How many of these bizarre and creepy tidbits about Kansas did you know about? 

Are there any Kansas ghost stories told today?

Of course! Oodles! One of the most fun aspects of the state's history is the collection of legends, myths, and Kansas ghost stories filling our past with wonder and intrigue. For example, it’s been whispered for decades that Stull Cemetery is one of the gateways to hell, and it’s also been said for ages that a beautiful woman with albinism roams the Rochester Cemetery. Are the legends true? Maybe, maybe not. Are they fun to tell? Totally.