Spend The Night At Kansas’s Most Haunted Campground For A Truly Terrifying Experience

When you think of camping, what comes to mind? Fun times with friends around a campfire? Sleeping under a clear nighttime sky? Fishing and grilling? No matter what you think of, your memories are probably happy and carefree; however, if you have ever camped around Fort Riley’s Moon Lake, your memories may be slightly different…

According to legend (and a few eyewitnesses), Moon Lake is home to a mysterious Chief’s Circle and whenever anyone camps on or near it, two large sets of fireflies emerge to chase the campers away from these sacred grounds. Why fireflies? It is thought that these bright (lightening) bugs are the eyes of the braves who were summoned to protect the area.

Have you experienced anything spooky while camping at Moon Lake? Or do you think it’s mere folklore? Let us know! To find even more haunted Kansas locations, be sure to take the Ultimate Terrifying Kansas Road Trip!