The Hidden Avalon On The Lake In Indiana Is A Beach Getaway With The Utmost Charm

Quick geography refresher: Indiana is a state located in the Midwestern United States. It is entirely land-locked; that is, there are no oceans along any of its borders. There is, however, a portion of the state (45 miles of it) that borders Lake Michigan, a lake so enormous that it certainly looks and feels like the ocean. The Hoosier State is also home to countless (literally thousands) of small lakes, medium-sized lakes, and 19 large lakes whose surface areas are more than 500 acres in size. One of those is Winona Lake, a stunning blue body of water that sparkles in the sunlight and adds an otherworldly beauty to the town of, well, Winona Lake. And along the shores of Winona Lake are some gorgeous little beach houses, all of which are beautiful – but there’s one that stands out in particular, and lucky us: it just so happens to be an Airbnb. This beach Airbnb in Indiana might not be on the ocean, but it’s a lakeside paradise where you’re still very much able to sink your toes into some warm sand.

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Address: Winona Lake, IN, USA