There’s A Lake Hiding In An Indiana Forest Where You Can Camp Year-Round

Hoosier National Forest offers 204,000 acres of rich, preserved natural space in south central Indiana. This park alone accounts for almost half of the public forest land in the state. As a result, the community is committed to its care and preservation. There are many ways to enjoy this space, but perhaps one of the most underutilized is by enjoying Tipsaw Lake, a serene oasis offering year-round campsites.

Whether you’re looking to reconnect with nature in a boots-on-the-ground way or to bring a van or camping vehicle out for a family vacation, Tipsaw Lake has all the overnight amenities you need to enjoy your stay. A few hours in this beautiful park, and you’ll never want to leave.

Address: Hoosier National Forest, Greenfield Township, IN 47454, USA