Enjoy Cool, Crisp Water At This Lesser-Known Spillway In Indiana

Nestled within five Hoosier State counties – Monroe, Brown, Lawrence, Bartholomew, and Jackson – is Indiana’s largest lake, known as Lake Monroe, Monroe Lake, or the Monroe Reservoir. This 10,750-acre body of water is man-made, but it’s wonderful all the same. It was created and filled up in the 1960s, and by 1967, the lake was being used by the nearby town of Bloomington for its drinking water. Today, it’s still supplying life-giving hydration to denizens of our beautiful state, but it’s also great for something else: recreation. As it turns out, Lake Monroe – and its attached Lake Monroe Spillway – is the perfect destination for a warm-weather adventure-filled kind of day. This perfect little swimming hole in Indiana (okay, maybe not-so-little) is crystal-clear, crisp, and cool despite the rising daytime temperatures, making it ideal for your next outing with friends, family, or on your own.

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Address: Lake Monroe Spillway, 9981-, 9985 Valley Mission Rd, Heltonville, IN 47436, USA