10 Unforgettable Road Trips To Take In Indiana Before You Die

Indiana is such an underrated state. There are so many wonderful places to explore, and road trip opportunities galore! The Hoosier State’s size makes it ideal for road tripping, whether it’s to a fun new attraction, unique museum, weekend getaway, or even a beach day! So gas up the car and indulge your wanderlust; we’ve got 10 of the most unforgettable road  trips you can possibly take in Indiana. Let’s go!

Which of these unforgettable road trips in Indiana will you be taking? Don’t they all sound spectacular? Indiana really is a state that was made for road trips, and we hope you are inspired to explore it all!

Address: Indiana, USA
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Unforgettable Road Trips In Indiana

May 17, 2021

What are the best road trips in Indiana?

Well, call us biased, but we definitely think the above 10 unforgettable road trips in Indiana are pretty stellar! If you’re *hungry* (pun intended) for more, be sure to check out our Taco Trail, which visits seven of the state’s most delicious taquerias. Hoosiers with an insatiable sweet tooth will delight in our Ice Cream Trail and Old-School Chocolate Shopstrip, both of which visit some of Indiana’s most wonderful little gems.

Does Indiana have many roadside attractions?

In a state with so many awesome road trips, you know there’s bound to be some seriously unique roadside attractions! Some of our favorite roadside attractions in Indiana include the Giant Fish Head in Knox, The Rotary Jail Museum in Crawfordsville, and The Duckie in Vevay, which is exactly as it sounds: a giant rubber duckie by the side of the road!

What are some epic day trips I can take in Indiana?

For some seriously epic day trips in The Hoosier State, we recommend first consulting this list of 11 awesome adventures. Wilstem Ranch is one epic adventure; this family-friendly attraction lets visitors experience the magic of witnessing elephants and giraffes up close, for a truly memorable experience. White Rock Park is another epic adventure; the park boasts an incredible natural pool that offers fishing, swimming, zip lining, and even cliff diving. And you’ll discover the beauty of deep cut canyons, incredible rock formations, a suspension bridge, and so much more at Turkey Run State Park, also known as Indiana’s very own Grand Canyon.

Address: Indiana, USA