This Man Made Swimming Hole In Indiana Will Make You Feel Like A Kid On Summer Vacation

When the weather gets hot, it’s time to find a nice, cool swimming hole. There are lots of wonderful places to go swimming in Indiana, but there’s one in particular that will make you feel like a kid again. Check out the quarry at Hidden Paradise Campground, a one-of-a-kind Flat Rock swimming hole in Indiana!

Does this quarry look like a great place to splash and swim in Indiana this summer? For more information, visit Hidden Paradise Campground’s website, and make sure to follow its Facebook page to see what’s new there!

Turns out, there are lots of great places for swimming in Indiana!

Address: 802 E Jefferson St, St Paul, IN 47272, USA
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Flat Rock Swimming Hole

June 06, 2022

Where is the Hidden Paradise quarry?  

Hidden Paradise Campground and Quarry is located along the beautiful Flat Rock River near St. Paul, Indiana. It surrounds a little piece of heaven known as Dream Lake, which really is just as stunning as it sounds like it should be. It’s one of our favorite lakes in Indiana! Should you be arriving via Highway 74, take exit 123 and drive into town (St. Paul, Indiana is a delight!). You’ll cross a set of railroad tracks, turn left on Jefferson, cross the bridge, and voila! Hidden Paradise will be on the left.  

Where can I go quarry swimming in Indiana?  

A quarry is a place where certain rocks and minerals, like limestone, in many Indiana cases, are extracted for commercial use. There are LOTS of such quarries all over the state of Indiana. At the time of this writing, there are no less than 25 excellent rock quarries in Indiana, many of which have been either filled with water intentionally or ended up filling up on their own. You’ll want to be very careful, though – swimming at a quarry not designated for swimming can be and often is incredibly dangerous. Be sure to stick with swimmer-friendly quarries in Indiana like the old-school Rooftop Quarry, which has been partially filled in, and more accessible options like White Rock Park, a swimming quarry in St. Paul.  

What are some of the downright best swimming holes in Indiana?  

Indiana is home to numerous lakes, rivers, ponds, and otherwise excellent options for taking a dip on a hot summer day. We just so happen to know of plenty wonderful places to go swimming in Indiana, both all-natural and man-made. Some of our favorite swimming holes in Indiana include its beautiful lakes, like Patoka Lake and Lake Monroe. Deam Lake is an absolute delight (not to be confused with Dream Lake, which is where the Hidden Paradise Quarry is). Other excellent swimming spots in Indiana include Barbee Lakes and Morse Beach. Everything listed here is excellent for adventure, but always be sure to stay safe.  

Address: 802 E Jefferson St, St Paul, IN 47272, USA