Not Many People Realize That These 7 Things Are Actually Illegal In Indiana

Last month, we brought you a list of some pretty mind-boggling things that are considered illegal in Indiana. While that list was pretty strange and left many people scratching their heads, there are actually seven more weird laws in Indiana we’ve discovered that you’ve probably never heard of. While we can’t say there are too many strange things about Indiana, these weird laws certainly top the list. Read on to find out more and check out DumbLaws for a full list of strange things that are illegal in Indiana.

Okay, be honest, how many of these weird laws in Indiana have you broken? Did you know all of these were all illegal things in Indiana? Make sure to share with us your thoughts in the comments section!

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Weird Laws In Indiana

September 08, 2021

Do Hoosiers have any strange habits?

We’ve talked about some of the strange things about Indiana in terms of laws, but what about any strange habits Hoosiers may have? While pretty much every state has its own weird habits residents adopt when they live there, these are only specific to Indiana. For instance, if you live in Indiana, you don’t see any problem with wearing shorts in 50-degree weather, because welp, that’s practically swimming weather still. In addition, we put peanut butter on burgers. And we like it.

What are the weirdest things about Indiana?

Here are some fun facts about Indiana that might hinge on weirdly wonderful. First and foremost, let’s discuss the weirdest and strangest things ever to have happened in Indiana. A few off the top of the head include the shoe tree in Milltown, the years of UFO sightings in Muncie, and the fortress-like grave of John Dillinger in Indianapolis. In addition, we also have some weird things that just don’t make sense in Indiana, like the Indiana Dunes, cave systems, and the world’s largest ball of paint.

What stereotypes are there about Indiana?

Beyond the illegal things in Indiana and the weird things, what about stereotypes that Hoosiers may have experienced from other states? Everyone has been subject to stereotypes at one point or another in their lives, and if you live in Indiana, these might be the most common misconceptions. No, we don’t all listen to country music, we’re not all die-hard Colts fans, we don’t all live on a farm and drive a tractor, and yes, we do have a beautiful beach despite being doubly landlocked.