12 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Born in Indiana

Contrary to what you may think, there’s a lot more than corn born in the Hoosier State. In fact, we are home to famous singers, actors, sports icons, comedians, and authors. The sheer number of different types of famous people from Indiana proves that a Hoosier can grow up to be anything he or she wants to be. Check out this list of famous people from Indiana: how many did you know?

Naturally, this list only begins to scratch the surface of famous people from Indiana. We are proud to call these individuals Hoosiers. Which of these celebrities in Indiana did you know the origins of? We love to hear Indiana trivia, so if you know of any more famous people from Indiana, share them in the comments!


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Indiana Trivia

August 04, 2021

What are some fun facts about Indiana?

Did you know 20% of America's popcorn was grown in Indiana? And we are pretty much the birthplace of professional baseball: the very first game was played in Fort Wayne in 1871. Here are some more interesting facts about the Hoosier State.

What are some natural wonders in Indiana?

Indiana is loaded with natural wonders. The Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore is really tough to beat. It's such a gorgeous area that looks nothing like the popular boring stereotype of Indiana!

What are some good state parks in Indiana?

We've got so many! McCormick's Creek State Park, our very first state park, has a beautiful waterfall. There are so many great trails to explore throughout Indiana.