This Hidden Lakeside Beach In Indiana Has Some Of The Bluest Water In The State

In the past, we’ve covered the totally underrated town of Beverly Shores, Indiana (for example, here and here), but we have yet to discuss one of the biggest reasons why the town is so underrated. Beverly Shores is home to Kemil Beach, a small hidden gem of Indiana shoreline with some of the bluest water you’ve probably ever seen. When it comes to the bluest water in Indiana, well, Kemil Beach might just be where it’s at.

If you’re on the hunt for the bluest water in Indiana, look no further; you’ve found it. Bring your camera, too, and make sure to shoot a few photos – the pure photogenic perfection that is Kemil Beach isn’t one you’ll soon forget.

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Address: Kemil Beach, Beverly Shores, IN 46304, USA