The Longest Scenic Drive Along Indiana’s Lake Michigan Shoreline Leads To A Beach Paradise

If you’re on the lookout for things to do in the Hoosier State as the months get warmer (or, honestly, at any point during the year), then you should definitely consider a nice, scenic drive down one of the longest highways in the country. U.S. Route 12 is 2,484 miles long, and lots of those miles go right through Indiana. The segment of highway we’ll focus on today stretches 21.8 miles in length, but we suggest making a road trip out of the entire thing. This scenic drive in Indiana is well worth a trip in every season so you get the full experience.

For a step-by-step, fully customizable adventure, click here for an editable map.

So, what do you think? Would you drive the entire U.S. Route 12, or just stick to the beautiful Hoosier bits? Tell us your plans in the comments.

Address: U.S. 12, US-12, Gary, IN, USA